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  Campaign 2020 President Trump Rally in Dallas  CSPAN  October 17, 2019 8:42pm-10:18pm EDT

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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president of the united states, donald j. trump. ♪
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[cheering] [chanting] pres. trump: thank you. [cheering] thank you very much. hello, dallas. it's great to be with you tonight. thank you.
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[cheering] thrilled to beam here. deep in the heart of texas. [cheering] where we just opened a beautiful new louis vuitton plant. [cheering] but i'm with the freedom loving patriots of the lone star state. [cheering] pres. trump: there has never been a better time to be a proud texan. [cheering] pres. trump: there's never been a better time to be a proud american. but never has. [cheering] pres. trump: so i came from a small town, alvarado, texas.
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[cheering] pres. trump: we celebrated the incredible revival of american manufacturing and we opened up some beautiful places. i'll tell you, this place is doing great. created anted -- has extra 1000 jobs for texas. [cheering] since my election, we've created 775,000 new jobs across your state, including 70,000 texas manufacturing jobs. they said those jobs have disappeared, didn't they? [cheering] pres. trump: our country is once again living by two simple rules. by american and higher american -- buy american and hire
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american. the economy is booming. our people are prospering. our country is thriving. our nation is stronger than ever before. [cheering] the more america achieves, the more hateful and enraged these crazy democrats become. [cheering] [booing] pres. trump: right? they are crazy. [booing] pres. trump: they are crazy. fight is thehis survival of american democracy itself. don't kid yourself. that's what they want. they are destroying this country. we will never let it happen. not even close. [cheering] pres. trump: for three straight years, radical democrats have been trying to overthrow the results of a great, great
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election. maybe, maybe the greatest election in the history of our country. [cheering] want to imposeey an extreme agenda. they cannot pass it and they cannot when it at the ballot box. they won't come close in 2020. they know it. [cheering] pres. trump: they are not going to win it. they say, let's see. what's another idea? what's another idea? how do we win this election? don't believeally anymore that they love our country. [booing] [chanting] four more years, four more years, four more years.
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pres. trump: crazy nancy. thank you. crazy nancy. she is crazy. [cheering] [booing] shift.rump: shifty how about this guy? [booing] pres. trump: he makes up my conversation, which was perfect. he makes up my conversation. he sees what i said. it doesn't play well because it was perfect. he made up a totally false conversation with the ukrainian president. [booing] and we caught him cold. everybody knew it anyway. see, you always have to do the unexpected. they never thought i would release the conversation with ukrainian president. [cheering] want to get him before congress and i want to
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see what he has to say. you know, they say he has immunity. why would you have immunity for outright fraud? why would you have immunity? he's a fraud. we are fighting a campaign against leftist, socialists, and globalists who want to return to open borders, rampant crime, and disastrous one-way trade deals. we are changing that one around very quickly. [cheering] believeump: they america is the world's big bang and that your tax dollars should subsidize the defense of every other nation in the world but our own. it's not happening anymore. [booing] pres. trump: our political opposition made its fortune selling out our nation and its citizens. that's what's been happening. that's why 2016 was so important.
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say's why 2020, i can never it's more important. you know, it's like the roots of a tree. you plant a baby tree. it has to catch. you need that extra time. we will have more tax cuts. you know what? we have rebuilt our military. what we've done has never been done before. [cheering] pres. trump: the do-nothing democrats have betrayed our country and that great for trail was over. again, we have been doing it now for almost three years. can you believe we've been doing this? [cheering] pres. trump: can you believe it? i've been a politician for three years. i can't believe that. i never thought i'd be called a politician. i don't like it. it is what it is. we are finally again putting
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america first. [cheering] pres. trump: the radical democrats want to destroy america as we know it. they want to indoctrinate our children. that america is a sinful, wicked nation. you see that happening all the time. [booing] pres. trump: i know it from personal experience. what they want to teach your kids. not good. they come home. this is what i learned. you are going, no. don't tell me. let's get them into another school fast. they want to disarm law-abiding citizens. they want to take your guns away. [booing] want toump: they install far-left judges to shred our constitution. it's not happening. [booing] pres. trump: they want to tear
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down symbols of faith and drive christians and religious believers from the public square. they want to silence your voices on social media. they want the government to censor and shut down conservative voices. you know that. [booing] if they didn't hate our country, they wouldn't be doing this. they know better. they know better. as an example, we are building a great wall along the southern border. [cheering] pres. trump: it's going up rapidly. it's going up. [chanting] build that wall, build that wall, built that wall, built that wall. ago, trump: five years
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almost every one of them wanted a wall. until i came along and said, we will build a great wall. they could never get it done. and then they stop the funding. they made it almost impossible. few people would have been able to do what we did. we got it from here and we got it from there and we got it from all over the place. we are building that structure right now and it's having a tremendous affect already. not easy. [cheering] pres. trump: highest level, everything we said it would be. it's moving rapidly. although the fake news back there don't want to talk about it. [booing] they don't want to talk about it. [booing] pres. trump: look at all those cameras. you believe it? look at all those red lights. don't worry, i won't say anything bad about your networks
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. a lot of times, i get ready to do a number on these 20 networks. you see those red lights go off. [laughter] pres. trump: they don't want their viewers to see it. that's ok. i'm not going to say good night. -- say it tonight. [laughter] pres. trump: look at that. look at all those cameras. that's like the academy award used to be before it failed. do you know why it failed? they came after us. that's why it failed. [cheering] pres. trump: it failed because they had stupid people saying horrible things about us. stupid. [cheering] pres. trump: stupid people. they are stupid people. they are -- their ratings have dropped like a rock. i love seeing it. [cheering] hard trump: no matter how
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they try, they will fail. the people of texas and the people of america will never surrender our freedoms to those people right there. [cheering] pres. trump: we will stand strong for family, faith, god, and country. [cheering] pres. trump: last week, a very dumb democrat candidate for president, that's the end of him in the state, pledged to revoke the tax-exempt status of many churches and religious charities. [cheering] /-- [booing] pres. trump: by the way, that was after a few weeks ago, he
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said, we are going to take your guns away. that doesn't work well. [booing] him, trump: i told remember the flailing arms? nobody noticed it. i noticed it. you remember? he was flailing all over the place. john gordon is going to win so easily. just like ted cruz. [cheering] pres. trump: no matter what happens. [cheering] pres. trump: john cornyn is not talking about beddoe anymore. weeks, gotfew short rid of guns and religion. those are not good things in texas. [cheering] pres. trump: i will never allow the federal government to be used to punish americans for their religious beliefs. [cheering] allowtrump: i will never
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the irs to be used as a political weapon, except in the case of myself when they use it against me. [cheering] left trump: the radical tolerates dissent. it permits no opposition. it accepts no compromise. these people are crazy. respect forutely no the will of the american people. first, it was the rush a hoax. -- russia hoax. [booing] pres. trump: then it was the smearing which continues, that disgusting smearing of a fine man, just as kavanaugh. [cheering] pres. trump: and now they continue the witchhunt impeachment with nothing.
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they come after me but what they are really doing is coming after the republican party. what they are really doing is fighting you and we never lose. [applause] i am fighting for everyone who believes in the values, traditions, principles, that has made our nation the greatest in the history of the world. we are far greater now than ever before. 8. go back four years, 7, 6, administration, 10 and 12 years. where were you compared to where you are right now? [applause] we must hold the democrats accountable for their lies and corruption. they are corrupt people. we must show and vote.
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be a landslide. we have to make it a landslide. [applause] today's do-nothing democrats -- they don't do anything -- where is the usmca? everybody wants it. the democrats even wanted. crazy nancy will not let anybody vote in an. today's democrats believe anyone who opposes them must be crushed. i have to say this. the republicans said, i'm not sure i like this. the republicans play a softer game. stars, they went to the speaker of the house at the time. they asked for subpoenas, let's take it easy. ok.
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i get that, too. she hands them out like it is cookies. i heard a commentator who happens to be standing right there, doesn't like us at all. seen anyone hand out so many subpoenas. i have people getting subpoenas i have never heard of them. i said, who are those people? it is a disgrace what they are doing to our country. do, not thehat they republicans and not what we have done, because of what they have done and what they see, when people come to my office which is now the oval office which is your office, too -- [applause] presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens. i hate to say sometimes, dictators. congratulations on what you have
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done. it is incredible. your economy is the greatest on earth. cricket opponent had won the election, china would be by nation fromer one an economic standpoint. we have gone up trillions of dollars. they have gone down trillions of dollars. we are so far number one they will never catch us if we are smart. >> usa. usa. usa. the do-nothingt democrats believe anyone who opposes them has to be crushed. they don't want you to just eat them. these are sick people. they want to crush these people. the anger, the hatred. any lie or crime or corruption
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is justified. schiff makes up the statement. he says, we did not speak to the whistleblower. the whistleblower got it all wrong. who is the whistleblower? who is the whistleblower? we have to know. is the whistleblower a spy? all he had to do was look at the toe or what they wrote down -- the transcribed version of the phone call. compare that to the whistleblower account. you see it had nothing to do with it. why does the ig allow a thing like this to happen to our country? why? a lot of bad people out there. one by one, we are advancing. one by one.
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just look at the corruption of the bidens. i hate to talk about him, you know why? i don't think the guy has a chance. sleepy joe. i don't see it. i don't know, i have these great, brilliant senators over here. i don't take he has a chance. i would like him to. i would like him to. i thought pocahontas was gone. those embers kept going to read it now it looks like she is doing better. i don't think joe has a chance. ,id you see the other night cnn, in a totally unsubstantiated statement, the president said this. we are so sorry. his son walked out with $1.5 billion from china. these were not the same chinese people i just dealt with.
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joe biden was in charge of ,kraine policy while his son with no energy experience, got thrown out of the navy like a dog. moneyid massive sums of by ukrainian energy company. a payoff, folks. didn't know energy at all. they hired him, paying him massive amounts of money. much more than the $50,000 a month you have heard of. that is a lot. andbiden made him go out fire the prosecutor on tape. in a social it up media site. he was bragging. they are not going to get this money.
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they got rid of the prosecutor. he was investigating the son of on's company. that is what they call quid pro quo. these charges are unsubstantiated. these are the fake news errs -- newsers. we just made such a great deal of china. get $20aid, if we could billion in agricultural product, that would be good. the most they ever did was $16 billion for the farmers. most they ever did was $20 billion of product. our patriotrmers, farmers. who never left us. even though they were being targeted by china. they never left me.
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wanted 20 and china agreed. notid i want $50 billion, $20 billion. my guys say, we have a problem. our farmers cannot produce that much, it is true. i said, tell them to go out and get bigger tractors. john deere. all-american. only american tractors. buy american. china has agreed. they have started buying. hopefully the agreement gets signed sometime prior to a big summit we have with president xi in chile. we cannot sir, produce $50 billion. farmers toant the tell me. we are going to win so much. we are going to say, we just
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can't stand winning. are going to come and say, we just cannot stand this. it is too much. that is what i want from the farmers. i want them to say, i want the farmers to say, we just cannot produce that much product. we cannot do it, sir. i'm going to say, yes you can. going to take in $50 billion from china. that is what is going to happen. that is what is going to happen. they stuck with us. in the meantime, we have taken in tens of billions of dollars and china is eating the cost. it tens of dollars.
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it has cost us nothing. did for thet i farmer? $16 billion last year and $12 billion the here before. they came out of the terrace. i had a lot of money left over and nobody complained. farmers did not want the money. everybody comes from money. everybody wants money. wantarmers said, we do not this money. i said, it is not a subsidy. you are being targeted. they said, it is a subsidy. farmerswhy we have 35 in the oval office. they did not want it. us a leveljust give
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playing house. it is level like this. nice and easy. call them the great patriots. they always said, i am in trouble. i have a problem. should have been done many years ago. we lose for many years, $500 billion a year with china. that is all changing. 500 billion, 500 million is a lot. we lose 500 billion. it is a disgrace. it was allowed to go on for 25 years. it was a disgrace. we are taking in billions of dollars. they have had the worst year we have had and 27 years.
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-- in 27 years. flew with hunter on air force two. they flew to china. hunter walked out of the plane and had a quick meeting. walked away with $1.5 billion. the characters said, that is ok. there is no problem. imagine if don or eric trump were among the trump, who is here someplace? right here. [applause] [applause] our great first lady said this
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is the most exciting thing i have seen in some time. doing a great job. we are doing a great job. the whole country is doing a great job. biden takes $1.5 billion. he allows china to rip us off. is good. they are wonderful people. i don't blame china, by the way. our leaders for allowing this. you know what and pillage. you know what word i am talking about, right? i don't want use it because they will say it is a horrible word trump used. the bidens got rich while america got robbed. condemn we forcefully
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the corruption of the democratic party. nobody ever plate -- pays a price. they never paid. maybe soon, that will start. we have had a lot of obama people, clinton people. republicanssome bad that did not exactly love us. but slowly, they are getting out. ofy have all sorts protections. get rid of them. their partner is the fake news media. that is the problem. democrats and the fake news media, it is a partnership. you see it all the time. primaries,in the
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when then i won the election, i was treated horribly by the media. and then when i won the election, we had one of the highest rated dates in the history of television. all over the world. said, they great thing. to the first lady, i said to anyone who would listen, it is so great. we, all of us, we are going to be respected by the media. they got worse. worse than they ever have been. they are worse now than they have ever been. they are crooked. the only message these radicals a and they are radical, it is crushing defeat.
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with your help, we will win back the house. we will keep the senate. inwill keep the white house numbers like they have not seen for a long time. joining us tonight are many terrific republican leaders. if they are not, i'm not going to introduce them. we have great leaders. you have great leaders in texas. great leaders. they love texas. a friend of mine, we had this unbelievable relationship.
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when ted cruz held a rally in he said, can you come to my rally? everybody thought these people thought, they said to me, when is the fighting between these two? when is it going to start? they said, when is the fighting going to start. it is going to be vicious. it was vicious. now, we love each other again. ted cruz. he had a great victory against the man who spent almost $100 million, that is a lot of money. thank you, ted. another man who is currently running against somebody. o will thinking maybe bet
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jump in because he is at zero right now. we hope he is going to jump in. religion and no guns, i think that is not good. i think he is pretty light in oil production, too. who you areea running against. nobody is going to be able to beat john. who is a good man. thank you. have a lot of congresspeople here. a woman who has been a fan from the beginning. kay granger. thank you. hell.ho is as smart as
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he is tough and he is mean and he is nasty. but he loves the state. he is only mean and nasty because he wants to defend you and me and the horrible things we go through. louie gohmert. she is a great guy. a great friend of mine. not leave us, no matter what. he had molar -- mueller figured out before anybody else had. a person who has been an incredible ally. loves your state, randy weber. thank you, great job. lawyers you will
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ever find. he is slick. he is smooth. boy, he is loyal. he has them all buffalo road. thank you. a man i saw on television last night. defending me. i don't like doing this but i tweeted out and said, thank you very much. that was a great defense. i appreciate it. it was great last night. a tweet out because it is easier than making a phone call. i said, thank you. he would rather have that, too. a special person. thank you, lance.
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thank you, lance. people thatf 60 stuck in there. thank you, ron. great job. these are great people. along with republican party chairs, here is one. rhonda mcdaniel. she was the head of michigan. by republicanwon for decades. they said, you cannot win. why? she was in charge of michigan. i said, i want you to do me a favor. she is driving me crazy. who is she?
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we won the state of michigan. when it came time, when it came time to picking somebody, to head the rnc, i said, what about that woman? she drove me crazy from michigan ? rhona.ou, she is fantastic. and a great governor from your state. a great, great man. a friend of mine. together with your lieutenant you had a hurricane two years ago. they keep calling me for money. sir, could you give us another one?
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the governor called up? generous.for being so it was a big one, it was a bad one. i think the worst dump i can remember. saved 16,000rd lives. it kept going in and out. water. finally, i get a call. billions and billions of dollars to the state. governor.ll from the where is dan? the two of them called me. i had ted cruz on my back. i had the congressman calling. it was brutal. they said, sir, thank you for being so generous. you made a fortune in the
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hurricane. we want one more small request. just a small one. we appreciate you listening to us. we want to build a dam in the ocean. so if we ever have another hurricane, the water will not be .ble to come in i said, how much? $10 billion. 10 billion question mark i said, right? it, it is sosell good. they are incredible salesman. they say it is only $10 billion, i am supposed to be happy. fori give them $10 billion some crazy thing that may or may not work? they are great people. a real friend of ours. thank you, tell me.
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our great campaign manager, the most sophisticated man with a computer you have ever seen. after she lost, they said the trump campaign was so sophisticated. she spent like six times more on this than we did. in the olden days, my father taught me. if you can spend less, that is a good thing. if you can spend less, -- so we spent much less than hillary. crooked hillary. crooked hillary. where are those emails? they may find those deleted emails. they may find them. emails covering her daughter's wedding. that is a lot of emails for a wedding.
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he did a great job, thank you. he was like amazing. amazing job,n wilbur ross. thank you you, wilbur. friend of mine, he is another one. he was nasty. he hit me during the campaign. i said, that guy is ruthless. there wass over, nobody more gracious. i made him secretary of energy. he has done a phenomenal job. perry, could not have done a better job.
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he is going to be leaving at the beginning -- and of the year. years with us and i want to thank you. what a job you have done. thank you. what a job he has done. he was also a great governor of texas, as you know. areeverything we do, we fighting for the faithful citizens of this country. this includes putting a stop to the catastrophic era of endless wars. they do not stop. they go on forever. we become a policeman. we end up becoming police. we have spent eight chilean dollars in the middle east. thousands of american soldiers have lost their lives. tens of thousands more severely wounded. in all fairness, the other side
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has lost hundreds of people. these wars brought chaos, instability. today, we choose a different path. we had tremendous success. i don't know if you saw. we built the strongest military by far. in general told me, we could have had a conflict and said, we don't have ammunition. i said, i never want to president, somebody have that statement made to them as president of the u.s.. we do not have ammunition. you don't so much, know what to do with it.
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i guess you have been watching. andid, vice president pence secretary of state pompeo leading a delegation to meet with erdogan of turkey. they got there today and it did work. without spilling a drop of american blood, will not one we have all agreed on a pause were cease-fire. it was unconventional what i did. i said, they are going to have to fight. people find out how tough the fighting is, these guys know right up here. sometimes you have to let them fight.
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you got to let them fight and then you pull them apart. it was unconventional. they fought for a few days and it was vicious. the kurds, who are our friends, it was tougher. it was nasty. you could not make a deal. make as, they could not deal. turkey did not want to budge. turkey was having a lot of bad things happening. now all of they are fighting and it is not fun. we went there. we said, we want a pause. the kurds have been terrific. we are going to find more of them. turkey is all set. president erdogan was great.
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i don't think they could have economically survived. erdogan was a gentleman, he understood it. but not without a little tough love. with tough love, they would have never made this deal. president trump lost -- president obama lost one million people. doing, we are going to see if we can get it finalized and i think it will be. turkey is going to be happy. isis is going to be unhappy. we will deal with whoever we have to deal with but we will get it done. vice president
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pence and mike pompeo. good job. good job. they are traveling back to our country. they will be back soon. of a lot ofng care religious persecution. we added that in. a lot of things in that agreement nobody thought possible. we have to fundamentally change our approach. that example, nobody would have ever done that. you have to be a little different to do with that way. i took a lot of heat even from some of our congressmen, some of our senators. but now they are all happy. i am happy with them. i am happy with them. say, what as will
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terrible -- anything we say, the democrats will criticize. if i said, we get beijing for one dollar. they would say, what a terrible deal. it just doesn't work with them. the wall, we spent so much time with them on the wall. i realized two weeks ago, all i said was, we will never build a wall and they would come through and say, we demand you build it. it would have been so much easier. american combat troops should not be at the center of sectarian conflicts. bring our soldiers back home. >> usa
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usa. usa. the same people pushing us to fight endless wars overseas want us to open our borders to mass migration. importolicies would storessm right onto our -- shores. want open borders. they want everybody to flow in. they want those caravans to flow in. they would not get rid of the loopholes. mexico has been great. 27,000 soldiers on our border. have stopped this horrible migration. many of them are bad people.
9:35 pm
when countries send them, they are not sending their finest. use your head. they are not sending the finest. now we send them back. ice is fantastic. they have taken out thousands and thousands of ms 13 killers. now we have made deals with guatemala and honduras. el salvador and mexico. we have made deals where we can bring back -- there are 45,000 people waiting in mexico, but it is going to be tough. they used to be no people waiting in mexico. our borders are getting strong. any will be as strong as border in the world. my administration believes in a simple principle.
9:36 pm
the best way to keep foreign themrist out is to deny admission in the first place. it is pretty simple. why we have imposed and we won at the u.s. supreme court, a travel ban on some of countries.ngerous democrats seize power, they would throw the floodgates wide open. we would have people coming into our country. they say, coming to california. we will give you free health care, free education. why wouldn't they? i may even move to california if they keep going. it brings everybody in. what is wrong with these people? we are rebuilding our military. we are not going to deplete it
9:37 pm
senseless,upid, endless wars. we have invested more than $2.5 trillion restoring our armed forces. all of it was built in the usa. that includes the construction of stealth fighters. are built right here in fort worth. as we restore our security, we are also restoring our prosperity. america is winning again. america is respected again.
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outside, they have close to 30,000 people. i wonder if i could ask the fire marshal -- let him in. we broke the record tonight. [applause] pres. trump: good place.
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last month, unemployment reached its lowest level in 51 years. americans have been lifted off of food stamps since the election. 1.3 million children have been lifted out of poverty, think of that. african-american, hispanic american, asian american unemployment rates have reached the lowest levels in history. our great hispanic american population has reached a poverty which is an all-time low in u.s. history.
9:40 pm
after years of stagnation, wages for hispanic americans are rising fast. since my election. everybody in the fake news would say, that is impossible. income -- median income for hispanic americans surpassed $50,000 a year for the first time ever. with republicans in congress, we passed the largest package of tax cuts and reform by far an american history. by the way, the democrats want to raise your taxes. i don't mean a little bit. triple.ike double, eliminated a record number of
9:41 pm
regulations and we ended the war in a thing called american energy which is wood for texas. since my election, natural gas production in texas has increased 35%. increasedtion has 60%. the u.s. is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. yet every major democrat wants to abolish oil production -- all production of oil and natural gas. i think they want to go to windmills. windmills, you know. i want to watch trump speak. we cannot, the wind is not blowing.
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they want to annihilate your texas economy. no more oil, no more natural gas. here we have a few people, right? no guns, no religion. no oil. no natural gas. abraham lincoln could not win texas under those circumstances. couldn't do it. couldn't do it today. could not do it. abraham lincoln, honest aid, could not do it. i used it to say, i can be more presidential. look. [applause] i said i can be
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more presidential than any president in history. except for honest abe lincoln when he is wearing the hat. that is a tough one to beat. it is much easier being presidential. all you have to do is act like a stiff. ladies and gentlemen of texas, it is a great honor to be with you this evening. the media would love it. everybody would be out of here so fast, you would not have come in in the first place. democrats will never get that chance. texas will never give it to them.
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remember the last election? play.aid, texas is in play, too.utah is in thousands of people outside that could not get in. they said, it is phony. hopes down.get your this is just like fake news. they said texas. they said texas is in play. gentlemen, texas is in play. president trump -- i had guys in from texas and they are wearing cowboy hats. a lot of guys. they said, i knows of the devout texas. double trump is not going to lose texas. -- donald trump is not going to
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lose texas. i don't know what you are talking about. texas is not in play. and then we had that great night. the polls closed at 7:00. usually, they take hours. even if it is big, they take half an hour. the texas polls are closed. usually, it takes hours. if it is not so close, it takes a long time. in thels have closed state of texas. donald trump has won the state of texas. right?
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the polls have closed in utah. remember the guy with the shaved head? even hillary beat him. now he is on the talk shows. this guy in beat utah. hillary came in second. i came in first. that was another one, too close to call. utah, the polls have closed. we won by a lot. we won florida and south carolina and georgia. we won north carolina. we won pennsylvania. we won a lot. these phony people? i kept going to maine, i love maine.
9:47 pm
it is cut in half. i went there for-five times. they got me up to 269. i won, by the way. won, too. i went there. a lot. that is the beautiful thing about the electoral college. winning the popular vote would be much easier. to four states and relax. i went to 21 states. i used to bily leave and others. it is like you are a track star. it is a different form of training. we did great. they said, you cannot get to 200. they were right. we got to 306.
9:48 pm
after decades of economic surrender, i have taken action to confront china's abuses. our relationship is fantastic. great things are happening. they get it now. a lot of good things are happening. nafta.replacing i used to call it the worst trade deal in history. think the wto, a real beauty. that is a real beauty. they considered china a developing nation. because you are a developing nation, they consider it to be a developing nation. we wrote them letters. we don't consider them to be a
9:49 pm
developing nation. we don't consider india to be a developing nation. they are ripping us off. we did not win any cases. alien dollars. one -- won a lot of cases. they know i will leave it they don't treat us fairly. and then the piggy bank is gone. are replacing the nafta disaster. get nancy pelosi to put this up for a vote. a giant victory for manufacturers. oil. should pass it. overwhelmingly, they will.
9:50 pm
nowhere is the democrat betrayal of our nation more dramatic than in immigration. did you see these debates? can you see what i am competing with? with tedd to compete cruz, that was brutal. debatethe national champion? i never did that? all the sudden, i am supposed to be debating tomorrow night. i said, who are these people? i contributed to a lot of them. they used to treat me nicely when i can to but it. not so nice when i was there opponent. i want to see, who are these people? been a i never debated like with a podium. i said, who are they?
9:51 pm
we had 17 people. plus me. remember? gilmore? nobody remembers him. we had 18 people. i said, who are these people? are they any good at debating? i hired a debate coach. he lasted for about 10 minutes. i said, this guy knows less than i do. he didn't know anything, it is true. he said never interrupt while they are speaking. i said, ok, coach, put me in, coach. after couple of those statements, you cannot beat ted cruz if you do not interrupt him. i said, let me see the cards. i want to see it. i need help.
9:52 pm
i'm going to be debating. everyone is saying, do you think he is going to be able to debate professionally? his class.ident of one guy was a good debater in college. he was this, he was ok. they give me the first card, ted cruz. debate, national champion from princeton. is that right? debaten, national champion from harvard. i said to my wife, first lady, potentially, i've got a problem. i said some of these guys are ok. they were only president of the class. i never ran for president of the class. i liked playing baseball better. millennia -- melania,
9:53 pm
i have a problem. was the number one guy in college. he was the number one guy in college. we came out ok. he was tough. smart as hell and tough. good man. i looked at, ted cruz. national debate, he was the best in all of college and law school. in recent debates, you see these people up there. they are not ted cruz, leave me. democrat, youn would win. no?
9:54 pm
i don't think so. every single democrat candidate for president, raised their hand in favor of giving free health care to all illegal aliens. they want to give more to illegal aliens than they give to american citizens. as president, i will never allow the democrats to take away your health care dollars. can't do it. fact, i just signed an executive action to protect american health care benefits for all american citizens. byng those hardest hit illegal immigration are millions of illegal immigration are millions of legal immigrants right here in texas. mexicang patriotic americans who play by the rules.
9:55 pm
strengthen our communities. whether you are a first generation or 10th generation, and every american citizen, you have been treated badly but you were not being treated badly anymore. we got rate of the individual obamacare.m every citizen deserves a government that defend your jobs. and is always loyal to you. we are loyal to you. reducedistration has illegal border crossings by 60% since may. but as with no help from the democrats. they will not close the loopholes. we could do it in 15 minutes.
9:56 pm
we are building the wall. not close thewill loopholes. you know what the loopholes are, right? catch and release. you catch them. you say, how are you? could you give us your name and phone number. could you give us your address. they don't want to have an address in honduras. can you please give us your address? they can't. ok, we catcht is and release. and then we are getting them out of the country. some are very good people. some of them are unbelievably dangerous and bad. we are focusing on the bad. they're getting the hell out of the country, ok? while we are fighting for shared priorities, the democratic party has never been further outside
9:57 pm
of the mainstream. every democrat running for president is pushing a health care agenda that would eviscerate medicare. my administration will protect medicare for our seniors. we will protect patients with pre-existing conditions. our ambitious campaign to reduce the price of prescription drugs has produced the largest decline in drug prices and only -- over 51 years. people don't talk about it. the press will not talk about it. we have news conferences. you have no idea how dishonest the media is. virtually every top democrat supports late term remote --
9:58 pm
abortion. straight from the mothers's right up until the moment of birth. and the crack pot governor from virginia executes the baby after birth. you said that, right? fromre member that one last year. that is why i'm asking congress to prohibit late-term abortions. republicans believe every child is a sacred gift from god. democrats are the party of crazy politicians, high taxes, high crime. open borders. socialism. blatant corruption. f is are corrupt like schif
9:59 pm
corrupt, he is corrupt. is the party of the american worker, the american family, and the american dream. it is also the party of honest abe lincoln, we forget that. we have to use that more often, don't you think? i liked honest aid. -- abe. thank you. play that to them. you are right. we have confirmed 152 federal justices. neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. when i got into office, they say
10:00 pm
the most important thing a president can do, they say it is defense. judges. federal how many do you have? i have none. i said, how many federal i said how many federal judges to have? that's impossible. that would mean president obama didn't appoint 142 judges. you get none. or you're doing a bad job as president because you're representing a different philosophy. so i came in and i said no, no, no. check it again. 142. we were right the first time. 142 judges. within 32 months, we will have john and ted and all of these great congressman, we will have judges.82 federal
10:01 pm
[applause] president trump: and then they say obama was such a wonderful president. how are you a wonderful president when the most important thing you can do, you handed over to the republicans? 142? how is that good? if i were a democrat, i wouldn't be too happy about that number. and we'll have a record number of judges by the time our term is over in 16 years, maybe 20. [applause] --sident trump: i'm only [applause] president trump: i'm only kidding because every time i do that they say see, he's assuming control. we have this crazy guy on television. and he goes, you know, he's
10:02 pm
talking to a guest. you know he's going to win, don't you? you know he's going to win. i mean, we've done a good job. he should be happy. but he says our military, however schools, ever this, -- our schools, our this, our everything. he's going to win. he's never leaving. you know that, don't you? he's never leaving. [applause] president trump: he's never leaving. he's never going to leave! [applause] president trump: and i thought this whacko was getting. -- kidding. he's a comedian. i thought he was kidding. he was serious. accountability for these great people. they been trying to pass it for almost 50 years. they couldn't get it done. but those guys and me, we got it
10:03 pm
done. and to protect america's security, i withdrew the united states from the horrible, one-sided i ran nuclear deal -- iran nuclear deal. [applause] president trump: i recognized openeds true capital and the american embassy in jerusalem. [applause] president trump: and we also recognized israeli sovereignty over the golan heights. [applause] years, wetrump: for watched as your politicians apologized for america.
10:04 pm
10:05 pm
together, we will elect a republican congress to -- [inaudible] [applause] way,dent trump: and by the thank you robert jeffers for being here, wherever you may be here.
10:06 pm
he may not be the greatest. it may not be the most perfect christmas. he may not know the -- perfect christian. he may not know the bible as well as some. where is that guy? robert jeffers. [applause] president trump: where are you? he's a great guy. a big big group of people on sunday mornings, i can tell you. we will enact trade deals that resort and more products proudly stamped with those beautiful words, that beautiful phrase, i love it, "made in the usa." [applause] president trump: we will achieve
10:07 pm
new breakthroughs in science and s forine, finding new cure childhood cancer, and ending the aids epidemic in less than 10 years. we're doing that. who would believe? we're doing that. the previous administration spent no money on that. who would have thought we would end, within 10 years, the aids epidemic? who would've thought we would advance that? we will defend privacy, free speech, free assembly, religious liberty, and the right to keep and bear arms. [applause] president trump: above all, we will never stop fighting for the values that unite people all across our land and throughout the great state of texas. this is a great state. [applause] president trump: we support,
10:08 pm
protect, and defend the constitution of the united states. we stand with the incredible heroes of law enforcement. thank you. we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life. we believe that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the true bedrock's of our society. [applause] insident trump: we believe the crease of self-reliance, personal responsibility, and american independence. [applause] president trump: we believe that children should be taught to love our country, honor our history, and always respect our great american flag. [applause]
10:09 pm
president trump: loyal citizens like you helped build this country and together, we are taking back this country, our country. we love our country. we're returning power to you, the american people. that's what we've done. [applause] president trump: from dallas to el paso, from you houston talk -- from houston to austin, from the red river to the rio grande, this estate was settled by some of the toughest men and strongest women ever to walk on the face of the earth, texans. [applause] this is theump: state where william travis, james bowie, and david profit -- davy crockett made their last stand at the alamo. [applause] president trump: this is the state where a small band of
10:10 pm
patriots had the battle of gonzales, armed with a single cannon, stand down a foreign army and declared, "come and take it!" [applause] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! president trump: and texas is the state where generations of farmers, ranchers, pioneers, and oil workers built a life and a home with their own two, beautiful hands. [applause] president trump: they didn't have a lot of money. they didn't have a lot of luxury.
10:11 pm
but they all had one thing in common. they loved their families. they loved their country. and they loved their god. [applause] president trump: these courageous texas patriots did not shed their blood, sweat, and tears, so that we could sit at home while others tried to erase their legacy, demolish their liberty, and destroy ever proud american heritage -- our proud american heritage. weasel never, ever -- we will never, ever allow that to happen. [applause] president trump: with your help, your devotion, and your drive, we are going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting. and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. [applause] oneident trump: we are group, one people, one family,
10:12 pm
and one glorious nation under god. [applause] president trump: and together, we will make america wealthy again. [applause] president trump: we will make america proud again. [applause] president trump: we will make america strong again. [applause] americat trump: we will -- make america safe again. [applause] president trump: and we will make america great again! thank you, texas. thank you. [applause] ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption contt ♪
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guest: >> c-span's 2020 coverage continues. live saturday at 1:00 p.m. eastern, senator bernie sanders at a bernie's back rally in new york city. watch on c-span, anytime at, and listen wherever
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you are using the free c-span radio app. c-span and the polling firm recently conducted a survey on american's attitude toward voting and election. we asked how committed the political parties are to making sure elections are fair and accurate. letters attitudes toward republicans are split, with 49% believing they are committed, and 53% believing they are not. 61% think democrats are committed to fair and accurate elections and 38% disagree. why the discrepancy? it's largely due to those who identify as independence. 48% of those believe the republican party has a commitment to fair and accurate elections, while 60% believe the same of the democratic party. andlso asked how much trust confidence to voters have in the wisdom of the american people when it comes to making choices? only 46% had only a great deal or fair amount of confidence in
10:17 pm
their fellow americans decisions. only republicans show a majority on the question. , you can find all of the results including, whether states with history of voter discrimination should decide their own processes at c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. and coming up friday morning, we'll discuss the latest on the house democrats impeachment inquiry, the south carolina republican congressman ralph norman and virgin islands democratic delegate stacy plaskett. watching c-span's washington journal live 7:00 eastern friday morning. join the discussion. >> the u.s. and turkey have agreed to a five-day ceasefire in syria to let the kurds withdraw from a stretch of land
10:18 pm
between syria and turkey. vice president pence made the announcement in turkey after a four-hour meeting with turkish president erdogan. vice president pence: one week ago, turkish forces crossed into syria. earlier this week, president trump took decisive action to call on turkish forces to stan